Pakistan Daylight Saving Fix for Windows

Thought I should mention this since I found quite a few people stuck with this issue. To my knowledge, all Windows machines out there set to sync with time servers will portray the incorrect time as Windows does not have any knowledge of Pakistan’s plans for Daylight Saving Time (DST). On Jun 01, at midnight, the clocks are to be moved forward 1 hour and the time will instead read Jun 01, 01:00 AM. On Nov 01, clocks are to be moved back an hour and the time will instead read Oct 31, 11:00 PM. There’s a simple yet, not well known fix for this.

Simply download timezone.exe (unzip the file timezone.exe to c:\ or something) and run this command which specified the starting and ending times as hour-minute-day:

timezone.exe 00-01-06 00-01-11

The timezone.exe utility updates the relevant registry keys and you’re good to go.

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