All that glitters…

Just when I made the move to Movable Type, the developers decided that future versions will not be free. I do not know too much about the movable type culture, but movable type’s success is owed, in large part, to the community of developers who helped it grow by writing all those tutorials, plugins, templates and extensions and as such it does not seem to be fair on them. I would like to have contributed in some ways to movable type, and am hoping that 2.6 branches off as a free version (highly unlikely, since it will surely surpass 3.0, paid version) but let’s see where it goes. Maybe there will be enough extensions written to match 2.6 up with 3.0?

Oh, and I got GMail but for some odd reason I have not been able to log into it… wait! I just did.

And yes, this is my first attempt at trackback (pings?) so hopefully this will turn up on the web page linked to, at the beginning of this post.


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