Weekly Columns for The Express Tribune

  • The Software Economy (May 2010) – Software prevails in every industry from media to entertainment and finance to supply chains but to really understand why software has made so many instant billionaires warrants a deeper look at the economics of software.
  • Why Technologists Don’t Like Dead Trees (Apr 2010) – If there is one thing I can tell you about technologists, it’s that we don’t like dead trees but paper still holds a nostalgic quality for my generation

Written for Spider Magazine

  • Portable Media Roadmap (Dec 2006) – Portable Media devices have evolved from mere iPods to convergent devices for communication, multimedia and location awareness but it doesn’t stop there.
  • Future Browsers (Mar 2006) – What’s in store for future browsers? A speculation on the technological innovations and application convergence in browsers.
  • History of Computers (Cover Story, Dec 2005) – If we are God’s creatures, then computers are ours: a manifestation of the human spirit and potential; the combined contribution of many innovative and forward-thinking scientists, mathematicians, philosophers and engineers.
  • Google Roadmap (Oct 2005) – Can Google really grow into other areas besides search or will it falter in its quest to organize the world’s information?
  • Google Web Accelerator (Jun 2005) – The Google Web Accelerator may prove to be Google’s first misstep or their greatest leap since they launched in 1998.