Microsoft Gadgets

Failed to mention this earlier, but if you use then you might find the ToDo List gadget quite useful in staying up-to-date with your task list. If you don’t use you ought to consider setting it as your start page so you can get your morning dose in one shot (headlines, weather, stocks, todo list, etc).

I wrote the todo gadget around October, 2005 and made some updates around November, 2005 to support the underlying framework. Google Personalized also provides the same features more or less (it all started with, however, the framework allows anyone to contribute and write gadgets so you can expect the community and the features to grow much more rapidly. Also, if you are comfortable with javascripting you can quickly whip up your own gadgets or download existing ones and modify them to your heart’s content.

Microsoft Gadgets are also planned to work on the Windows Live Dashboard so that way gadgets written for should also be available for your desktop. Keep a close eye on for interesting features this year.


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