It’s been a while since my last post partially due to other priorities and a bit of travelling. I have migrated the site to WordPress and away from Movable Type. Primarly the move was because Movable Type being written in Perl is a real turn off–I don’t want to touch that code with a 10 foot pole. WordPress is written in PHP which makes it very easy to play around with. Secondly, WordPress is a lot easier to manage and a real relief after Movable Type. Migrating the posts, writing my own theme for the site design, fixing some char encoding issues that were lurking in the posts, adding some plugins for syntax highlighting, fixing some htaccess issues, creating WordPress Pages, updating the BlogRoll and ensuring XHTML validation and other tweaks used up a good chunk of my weekend… which isn’t so bad considering the bulk of this time was spent on designing and coding a new theme for the website.

One hiccup: some of the older pages that have been googled have to be kept alive and accessible–at some point I’ll see if a 301 permanent redirect can be done on them to update Google’s links without affecting Page Rank.

Expect to see a lot more in the coming weeks.


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