MediaCatch Hosting Review

The web hosting services at MediaCatch have gone AWOL on me which has resulted in some downtime for this site and numerous other sites I own. During my 4 years of hosting with MediaCatch, I have suffered about 5 failures (that I can find records for) during which I have had to roll back my data from personal backups. There have been other occasions when I have had to suffer down times of over a day because they were moving data centres or some such stuff. But I stuck it out with them–mostly because I was lazy to switch and the problems happened far apart so it didn’t seem like a constant annoyance. Their recent behaviour, however, takes the cake.

Recently, I wanted to downgrade my account from a reseller to a shared hosting plan because I no longer resell hosting. After 3 chat sessions which all resulted in tickets being opened, another 3 tickets being opened by me personally and a call to their 1-800 number (which was not received so I had to leave a message), I was forced to switch.

It’s annoying enough that they don’t care about my domains or my requests but not caring to response is downright horrendous. Maybe it’s because my request is for a downgrade to a cheaper plan which doesn’t bode well or maybe they are going through their bi-annual internal reorientation.

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